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Our Mooring System

Superhold screwpile mooring anchor

The "Superhold" anchor is a 3.8 meter long 115mm dia heavy wall steel screw pile with a 280mm single flight helix at the base.

We have also incorporated a load spreader set up just below the seabed to stabilize the screwpile from the horizontal forces of a vessel in a storm. We are the first and still only mooring system to do this and it is a vital component in allowing us to maximise the holding capacity of the mooring even in muddy conditions where other moorings fail.

Below is a video of a pull test which was arranged by NSW Local Lands Service between the "Seagrass Friendly Mooring" with a "Superhold" anchor against a competitors screw pile anchor, which does not have the load spreader, and a traditional dump weight. The evidence in the video says it all, no other mooring system stacks up or even comes close to our "Superhold" anchors.

Mooring in a Bag

The Seagrass Friendly Mooring "Mooring in a Bag" system is designed to allow anyone to convert their existing chain mooring into an environmentally responsible apparatus able to safely and securely hold their vessel without ripping out and destroying the seagrass beds around it.

The system comes fully assembled with only a shackle join required to the first chain link on top of a suitable sized dump weight/sinker. We will set the "Aquatec" riser to suit the water depth at highest tide .

We use the best quality grade 316 stainless steel shackles and swivels for the connections between the ropes and the shock absorber, which is housed inside our specially designed foam filled buoy.

Typical dump weight and chain mooring using a train wheel for the sinker.

Disconnect the chain as close as possible to the sinker.

A galvanised shackle and swivel assembly is used at the sinker connection end to alleviate and galvanic corrosion.

The completed mooring can then be deployed and used immediately.


mooring in a bag

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Sample Mooring Systems