Sea Marine and Diving Services

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"Mooring in a Bag" is an environmental mooring
to use with a conventional dump weight/sinker

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We can supply you with a complete mooring system
ready to attach to your existing or a new mooring block

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We custom manufacture the apparatus
to suit your vessel and the water depth

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On Water Marine Services -
Looking after you and the environment!

Specialising in Environmentally Friendly Mooring System

SMADS Pty Ltd is a marine services provider which has built a reputation of the highest quality products and services coupled with an innovative approach.

We pride ourselves on being able to provide solutions to issues being generated by outdated and complacent methods.

It is due to our innovative approach that we are able to supply you with our fully engineered, tried, tested and award winning environmentally friendly mooring system.

If your serious about ensuring your boat stays where it should be then you must consider using the best mooring available, lucky for you it is available now and will save your boat and the environment at the same time. The "Seagrass Friendly Mooring System" simply the best.

Would you like more information about our seagrass friendly mooring system?