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Seagrass Friendly Mooring System

Seagrass is a vital component of the marine eco system. It grows in shallow waters where the suns light can penetrate for the photosynthesis to take place. Vessel owners also like these shallow waters, this is where the problem arises, traditional dump weight and chain moorings don't allow for both to co-exist.

The solution is the Seagrass Friendly Mooring, the first cost effective method to moor a vessel without damage to the seabed.

Our mooring system uses a 3.8 mteter long mooring post screwed into the seabed as the anchor point. Attached to the mooring post just below the sea bed is a set of load spreaders to stabilize the post. We then attach an "Aquatec" UV stabilised marine grade riser from the top of the anchorage at seabed level to the shock absorber located inside our specially designed surface buoy, a "hawser" or pick up line is then connected to the other end of the shock absorber.

The Seagrass Friendly Mooring is available in three sizes ( under 15t vessels, 15t - 30t vessels, and marker buoy anchorages ) as well as being avaiable as a mooring point our screw into place anchorages are ideal as accurate, permanent and discrete hold point for floating jetties and parallel to shore berths to keep your vessel away from the bank.

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