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Environmentally Friendly Moorings Demo

A pull test demonstration was undertaken on the 10th June 2014 at Lake Macquarie, NSW, to compare the performance of block and chain moorings with two types of environmentally friendly moorings: the Seagrass Friendly Mooring and the Eco Mooring.

The two types of environmental moorings tested are the only two which have successfully completed the testing for use in Moreton Bay.

Each mooring was pulled on by a tug with a load cell inserted in line to measure and compare the forces experienced by each mooring. A remote hand-held display of the load cell was used on board the observer vessel where the relative loads were recorded in tons.

Moorings were tested in both mud and sand. The demonstration confirmed that the "Seagrass Friendly Mooring" has the strongest holding capacity and provides the safest mooring available.

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